I'm a software developer and designer studying computer science at Wilfrid Laurier University. This summer, I'll be working at Facebook. After that, I'll graduate in Spring 2022.

I grew up playing video games (NBA Live, Smash Bros, and Halo), watching a lot of sci-fi (The Matrix, Blade Runner, and Star Wars), and playing basketball. Naturally, I was interested in tech, but didn't actually start coding till later on in high school.

When I did start coding, I found I learned best when I taught others. I founded a non-for-profit, Cipher, with a couple of friends and we ran workshops and hackathons to introduce programming to other high schoolers.

After high school, studying computer science was a no-brainer. In the summer, I was lucky to work at Mappedin, where I built indoor mapping experiences that appear across the globe. After two years, I took a gap year. I worked at HXOUSE, a creative incubator founded by The Weeknd, La Mar Taylor, and Ahmed Ismail. Then, I worked at Tesla, helping accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. My last internship was at Shopify, making commerce better for everyone. I also volunteered with North America's largest hackathon, Hack the North.

I'm currently exploring 3D modeling, Rust, and guitar and reading Dragon Ball and Rapture by Nick Nurse.

Feel free to email me or check out my resume.