I'm a software developer & designer studying computer science at Wilfrid Laurier. This summer, I'm working at Shopify, to make commerce better for everyone.

In the winter, I worked at Tesla, helping accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Before that, I was at HXOUSE, a creative incubator founded by The Weeknd, La Mar Taylor, and Ahmed Ismail. On the side, I worked on North America's largest hackathon, Hack the North.

In 2018, I built software to power indoor mapping experiences around the globe at Mappedin. In the past, I organized hackathons, workshops, and meetups to introduce computer programming to high schoolers through a non-for-profit I founded, Cipher.

Work Experience


Software Engineer Intern


Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. I rapidly delivered new features to two products, Autobidder and Powerhub, in the Energy department.


Software Lead


HXOUSE is a next-gen incubator and accelerator established by The Weeknd, La Mar Taylor, and Ahmed Ismail. I worked on developing new programming and several technical projects.

Hack the North

Front End Developer

hack the north

Hack the North is the biggest hackathon in Canada, bringing 1000+ hackers to the University of Waterloo since 2014. I have worked on an April Fools site, the official 2019 website and application dashboard.


Founder, Executive Director

hack the north

Cipher introduces high schoolers to computer programming. I founded & spent 2 years as the executive director, raising $50k+ from government grants to host 3 hackathons, 50+ workshops and a weekly meetup.


Software Developer Intern

hack the north

Mappedin creates maps for malls, hospitals, and other indoor spaces. I spent my summer developing the web experience for the healthcare vertical & launching an improved search API for malls.


Hands On

Hands on prevents drowsy drivers from getting behind the wheel by testing their reaction time. There is also a physical attachment for the steering wheel that detects and alerts sleepy drivers.

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A therapist (bot) that calls you each day, asks a series of questions, and evaluates your overall feeling. There is a dashboard that showcases feelings day-to-day.

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Unbeatn Path

A collection of stories from dropouts. I sourced stories from influential, young figures in tech. I was 15 when I built this site and got featured on Product Hunt as #4 Product of the Day.

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Create and update goals via an SMS bot. A dashboard will illustrate the tasks you have completed and the ones you have not.

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Other Projects


A more secure account manager.

ar map

Scan a MHacks attendee badge and view a map of the UMichigan's Intramural Building in AR.

clout jar

Bet on NBA games against your housemates

the price is right

Guess the price of the top sneakers on StockX (using the StockX API).